Ashna, 14 years, Weight Loss

I had a wonderful experience with Shreya Di. Though I just lost 4-5 kgs but a major change came in loss of inches. Her programme motivated me so much. I loved having the things she gave me.

Thank you So much Di!


Shreya, you are like “The Weight Loss Fairy God Mother” !!

Never thought dieting could be so easy, being the foodaholic I am. But with you, all things turned out to be perfect. Just in 1 month, I was able to lose about 5 kgs and I am looking forward to many kgs.

You are just too patient, calm and systematic in your approach. I am sure with this magic diet, I will never ever gain back my lost weight.

Thanks a lot.

Ruchi Ghiya

It was really wonderful experience to hire you as my dietitian. It realy helped me a lot to make myself aware of my eating habits. I lost my weight during consultation and even now I am following the same to be on track.


Thank you shreya for your diet plan. It has given a brilliant result in terms of inch loss. It has been very helpful in garnering so many compliments on my engagement. I like the way the diets are customized according to my preferences. Will see you again after my marriage.


I really appreciate your guidance in helping me with my weight loss. I have reduced more weight than I expected in nearly 2 months. I have started receiving many compliments and it makes me feel a lot more confident and happy.


Amazing experience with Diet and More. Really incredible improvement in me.More important than weight loss for is the healthy lifestyle, which I learnt because of Heath & U. And I am really glad about it. Thank you Diet and More and Shreya.


Thank you so much for working on me. You have no idea how impossible it was to accept that I can lose weight after repeated failures in gym, running, swimming, athletics etc since last 10 years.

With your guidance and constant encouragement, I am now close to being healthy from obese.

Richa Bhatia

Its been around 1 and a half month that I started diet from Diet and More, there has been a good change in me. Shreya has not only helped me reducing weight but has also helped me in any other issue related to my health. I never felt that I am dieting as she never gave a very strict diet or made me feel starved. She has always been very patient in listening to what we are comfortable eating. Thank You Shreya for making me understand that nutrition and eating right is so important.


I would like to thank you Shreya for inculcating healthy eating habits, which wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance. I lost 7 kgs in 3 months with visible inch loss..I didn’t know it was actually possible to lose weight while having chocolates. And the best thing about you is that you listen and mend the diet plan accordingly to the clients wishes and do not follow one size fits all policy, unlike many other dietitians. Thank u so much.

Neha Sood

This is a small token of appreciation for your guidance and support till now Shreya. I have tried several dietitians but your are just “CLASS APART”. And I seriously mean it. You not only aim to change the lifestyle in a healthy way but also ensure that it stays for quite a long time. I also appreciate your way of customizing the diet plans according to the needs and plans of your clients. And needless to say, you are quick at responding to the doubts and queries. Keep up the good work.


As a Dietitian, Shreya is very helpful and friendly person who is always there to solve your queries. Her diets are doable and she gives a lot of options. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a problem with weight management.


Taking Charge of what I eat and transforming my body has been very empowering. For all that I want to thank Shreya. You have changed my lifestyle and helped me to be more organized as far as eating is concerned. I have lost almost 5 kgs in 2 months with great inch loss as well. Today I feel more confident and healthy. Your diet plans are very easy to follow. At such a young age you are very talented and knowledgeable.

Keep changing the lives of people.

Good Luck and Thank You!!


My experience with Diet and More has been nothing but very pleasant. My diet was completely customized according to my lifestyle, needs, likes and dislikes, giving me an opportunity to not just follow it for a certain period of time but make it an overall lifestyle change.

Overall, it has been a great experience, with amazing results. And would totally recommend Diet and More to other People.



She is a very good listener and took her time to explain and map out a dietary plan and healthy choices for me. Also provided me with the best options in every meal of the day. Looking forward to work with her to improve my body and build lean muscle. She modified the diet every week of the month. She has good methods with great knowledge.

Aaina, 21 years, PCOD & Hypothyroid

Before enrolling for the program with Diet and More, I had Thyroid and PCOD, and I was a bit reluctant whether I would be able to lose weight with my medical conditions or no. But shreya gave a positive response and so I joined this online diet program, and it was far better and convenient that the other ones. It has been a month and a few days after I started, and have lost 7 kgs, despite my medical conditions.

The diet plans I receive are very easy to follow and the food planned for the day is pretty much filling. The best part about her is she is always available for any assistance.

My convenience and choice of foods is what she always keeps in mind before giving the plans. It has been a great overall experience taking her as my dietitian.


Its been over a month that I enrolled for a Weight Loss Program at Diet and More and the results have been more than satisfying. The diet plan is changed weekly , and is prepared keeping in mind the personal choices of individuals, hence much easier to follow as compared to the monotonous diet plans from my previous experience.

Arunjit singh

The purpose to join Diet and More was to shed some extra kilos. Shreya recommended me the diet (keeping in mind my likes & dislikes). She was very regular with her telephonic follow-ups and was also open to any queries i had. I followed her diet and was amazed to see a loss of 5 kgs in just 1 month. Thanks to Diet and More for all the help and guidance I required for managing my diet. I sincerely recommend the same to anyone who is in need of losing weight.


Shreya is a wonderful resource. She is very knowledgable with heaps of knowledge about weight management and healthy food. What I like about her is she approaches the topic of diet from multiple perspectives and designs the diet according to your needs, making it easier to follow through. With just 2 months of personalized diets from her, I have managed to achieve my weight loss goals as well as feel much healthier and manage my energy levels. Highly recommend Shreya as a professional dietitian.

Kamal Sharma

I reduced 8 kgs in a month under Shreya’s guidance. I am doing very well now, with all my medical reports also coming normal. I am very thankful to Shreya.

Mohit Aggarwal

It was a wonderful experience to opt for online diet program with Diet and More by Shreya. I lost 10 kgs in a month and it was beyond my expectation. She as a dietitian gives alot to eat and according to your taste. So losing weight with taste is wonderful and i am completely satisfied with her diet plans. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a problem with weight management.

Mehak Sapra

It was a great experience and you really helped me get back in shape. Thanks for all the guidelines of healthy eating. You are the reason behind my happiness, as I can socialize and still be fit. Thank You for your guidance.

Isha Sharma

I want to thank Shreya as she is friendly while being a professional, approachable and most importantly flexible according to the needs and requirements of other people. She knows her field well and does not stick to one kind of food. She is always happy to help, give advice, and suggest new things. I am grateful for the help to make me healthier.


Thank You Shreya for guiding and helping me in making such easy to follow and beneficial lifestyle changes. Very Good way to stay fit.

Suvidha khanna

Eating even full one meal was a far distant dream for me. Till the time I joined shreya. Most of the people won’t believe me,but actually and factually I was living on air and water. But thanks to Diet and More by Shreya, now I amhaving rather enjoying 6 meals a day without bothering about my weight gain. Rather I am losing it, that too in a healthy way. All I can say to shreya is “ Thanks for giving me and making me understand about healthy diet. Coz Now I am not only eating healthy food, but also all my favourite foods, that I had not taken since last 20 years with the fear of gaining weight. You have made me eat everything i had left since long, while still making me lose weight.

Aman Kaur

I would define Shreya in two Words- "Wonder Woman", who does wonders and changes peoples personality and make them symbolic for others. Go Going and do wonders for everyone. For me, your online diet program worked like anything, though I was completely bed ridden but you took me from 75 kgs to 63.5 kgs in just 2 months. Thanks


Shreya as a dietitian is really good, and gives diets as per person’s routine, food habits and health conditions. She makes changes weekly and suggests the changes slowly. This helps the person to enjoy the weight loss journey. My husband has lost about 7.5 kgs in a month under shreya’s guidance, and all his medical reports also got normal which were quite disturbed pre joining.

Shivi Kundra

My experience with Diet and More has been really positive and enriching. I got to know about Diet and More through a friend who had undergone a diet plan with Shreya and saw some great results.

Over the past 2 months of the online program, I’ve seen and felt great amount of change in myself. This plan specifically stands out because of its consultation process and customization of your diet. Its not too rigid yet one sees incredible effect. Would Certainly recommend others.


Totally unhappy with my weight, I decided to finally lose all the excess weight since my weight crossed a century (infact 106 kgs). I lost some weight through gym initially, but when my weight was getting stuck, I found Shreya’s contact while searching for a good dietitian who would allow me to eat and still help me lose weight. The best part about her diet plan is that I don’t have to get stuck in traffic jams because I am provided with the diet plans sitting at home. She gave me everything to eat, from pasta to jalebis, bhel puri and what not! I have lost good weight with inches and still losing. Thanks Shreya!!

Ankit Bafna

I am privileged to be associated with Shreya. I lost 7 kgs in 1.5 months without any difficulties. Her methods of providing the customized diets is amazing. This makes you comfortable to eager to follow the diet religiously. The way she does the follow up and guiding style is really appreciable. Thank you so much.

Divya Manhas

The experience was great, I managed to lose a couple of kilos and inches. And the best past was that, since I am a sweet toothed person, Shreya made sure that I have my desserts also.,With a balance backup plan. Overall it was great and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Pallavi Mahajan

After joining Shreya, I lost 4 kgs of my stubborn fat, which was not going through gyming or any other way also. I used to do functional and weight training, and that had also stopped responding. Her diet is so easy to follow that with every weekend outing also,there is no increase in weight. I never used to keep navratras but this time I have kept all the fasts and everyone around me is so surprised that I can fast, which I really enjoyed and lost weight as well. All credit goes to you. Thanks Shreya

Etika Ahuja

I had a good experience with Shreya. She is very sincere to her work and motivated me every time when I wanted to give up. I was 75.6 kg when I started and currently I am at 66 kg, that is almost 10 kgs I lost in 4 months with great inch loss. Thanks for your support in my weight loss journey.

Saakshi Nagdev

This was my 1st month with shreya and my experience so far has been good and fruitful. I opted for online consultation and have only spoken to her phone/emails/whatsapp, yet there has never been a communication gap and she is always responsive to my queries. I have lost 4 kgs this month with inch loss and the diets she gives are balanced and sustainable-includes everything like noodles, pasta, pao nhajis, pooris etc., which are otherwise forbidden in diets. Happy with what I have achieved so fat, and would continue consulting her. Thanks Shreya for helping us love ourself !

Rekha Aggarwal

It was really a great experience with Shreya, because till now I had no idea what is good and bad for me, how much quantity should I eat to reduce my weight etc. But now, I have learnt how to manage my weight just because of her and will always be thankful to her. I feel really proud to be a member of Diet and More, as they made me capable of managing my own diet plan.

Thanks Again.

Shikha Goel

I was abit skeptical in going in for an online program, still thought of giving it a try after talking to Shreya. I had tried lots of dieitians before but losing weight with PCOD was getting very difficult. The day I started my diet with her, I was super convinced that I am at the right place now. One thing that she changed immensely for me was my Lifestyle.

Best thing about her is she doesn’t restrict diets to particular stuff. Doesnt make diets tough or boring to follow.

Shill on phase to lose more but all in all I am grateful to her for being such a nice mentor n companion on my tough weight loss journey.

Sanjna Chopra

Kudos to Shreya for making me the happiest I have ever been! You are the most favourite person in my life, coz you have made me far more confident than what I was 6 months back. I have lost 12 kgs with great ich loss n I feel on top of the world as I am flooded with compliments from all my friends and family.

I never felt hungry and never had strong cravings as your diet wasn’t one of those fad diets where people feel weak and look haggered. Instead I am glowing and feel far more energetic. Thanks so much, you are truly amazing!!.

Neetu Singh

Its been one and a half month since I joined Shreya’s diet program and I am quite happy with the way things are going. I have lost 5 kgs n few inches during this short time. People have misconceptions that taking diets online do not help. But my personal experience is very very good. I am associated online with Shreya and she speaks to me once a week n is on whatsapp to answer my queries whenever needed. Its as good as meeting her for private consultation. Her diets are easy to follow n highly recommendable and she is a dedicated professional.


I am following the online programme for weight loss with Diet and More and I am so happy to tell you and want to thank you for making me lose 5 kgs in 5 weeks with major inch loss as well. Thanks for changing my food habits and always making me eat what I want to and you have never made me crave for any kind of food that I was used to eating. Can’t thank you even in million times.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to you SHREYA for helping me out in losing weight. Before starting with you,I was hesitant to begin what i thought might be another program that i"d start and quickly lose interest in. Which would ultimately lead me back in to my bad habits in eating and lack of physical activity.I was so thrilled and surprised to FINALLY find a diet where i could eat all the stuff i love and still lose weight.I lost a 3.5-4 kg weight within a span of a month. Cheers SHREYA in making people healthy and fit with Diet and More

Bhawna Chawla

Hi Shreya! Had a great experience with dieting. I lost 6.8 kgs in 3.5 month and most importantly i conceived with my second issue.for this reason only i started diet,ur recipes were very nice because i tried them all.Thank you once again..!

Shobha Gupta

This is to thank SHREYA. dieting under your guidance was a great experience.It was a bit difficult ti inculcate all the things in my routine, but gradually it happened and when it happened it felt so amazing. Neither felt fainting or vloated. Simple light and happy after very meal i had. lost less eight but decrease was remarkably shown in inches. Specially want to meantion- SHREYA is too sweet and helps in every possible way. She is very flexible and fixes her things in your lifestyle in your way dieting was way easy with her. Keep up the good work SHREYA. lastly, thank you for your patience.

Sehj Khurana

I dont know from where to start. i's just completed my 12th and was about to enter college and meeting a good dietician was the need of the hour. She has given me everything i asked for and it has been a game.Accomplishing the target and getting whatever i want to eat.I now realize that its not only a diet but also basically a change of lifestyle. She was just a call away. Highly recommended


My self vikas. i was so overweight neat about 109 kgs and was suffering from back pain and knee pain and then i got in touch with dt.shreya mam and followed the diet plan given by her for 3 months and now my weight is 92 kg so i lost about 17 kilos of weight and i have lost 5 feels do amzing and i am enjoying it a lott. Thanx for the help mam.

Pallavi Rohmetra

Hey shreya it was a great expeirence with you. Have lost 5 kg and 4 inches in 1.5 months and after leaving also my weight is constant.Thank you soo much for your help and guidance.

Swati Sharma

Hi Shreya, I have taking your online diet programme and it has helped me to reduce 15 kgs with 6months of time and great inch loss too. Thanx to you and to Diet and More for your guidance regarding eating & for enhancing i my personality and bringing me back in shape after my delivery. Thank you once again


I came to know about SHREYA KATYAL from urban clap,before enrolling myself in the programme i wanted to ask about my probable chances to loose weight as i had thyroid and PCOD issues, but she gave a positive response so i had joined this online diet programme with her. Just like anyone else i was a bit apprehensive about the online progremme but it was far better and convenient then the other ones.It has been a month a few days and have almost lost 7kgs despite hypothyroidism.The diet plans i recieved was very easy to follow and food planned for the day is pretty much filling.The best part about her is she is always availableany assistance. My convenience and choices of food is what she olwayz kept in minf before giving the diet plan.It has been overall a great experience taking her as my dietician.

Nikita Dhadwal

Hi SHREYA, i have approached you to shed my extra pounds which i have gained during my pregnancy.Lost 8 kg in a month and total around 10 kg in less than two months.Never felt starved and i am really happy with this diet plan or i can say lifestyle change.And true happiness is getting abck to your pre-pregnancy clothes. XXL to L that too in 1month. I am really thankful to you for your guidance.

Simran Nandwani

Hi Shreya di,thank you so much fo this kind of motivation.I am thankful to tanisha di that she made me join you.Today was my 1st day and it went really well i am not al all hungry.Also it did not changed my routine,it went with the flow.Iam so glad that i am under your guidance and i will make you lose my weight.Thank you so much for your efforts means a lot to me.

Dhanya (Singapore)

Thank you foryour support SHREYA, even though i was in SINGAPORE and I never felt that distance when i was interacting with you.Patiently you provided all the responses through emails or whats app.Once again thank you for your excellent service.


It really good to know about dt.SHREYA (Diet and More) as i lost kgs in just one month by her online diet programm.She gave me confidence as before i can't even think of losing a kg from myself without my exercise.She is really a wonderful person who works hard with her clients and gave maximum results.Also she makes me understand that its not about sacrificing your food rather its about managing how to eat right in right time.

Arvind Bajaj

I am extremely happy to tell that I have achieved my target of losing 9 kgs in 1.5 months by eating food of my choice in which I also lost 2.5 kgs during the navratras by the navratra diet given by Shreya. With her home remedies, I have reduced my severe acidity medicines from daily to twice in a week. Thank you for all your guidance in changing my lifestyle.

Khyati Chhabra

I lost 6 kgs in 2 months at Diet and More by Shreya. Started at 62.3 and now at 56, it feel great. With 6 kg weight loss and great inch loss as well, I look and feel very slim now. I still remember the day when I came to you,I had a huge appetite with bad eating habits. Really feel happy to have much better lifestyle now, and all credit goes to Shreya for this. My previously bulging belly is flat now, and I easily fit into small size dresses. Thank you for your guidance and motivation to make me feel so good about myself.

Poonam Singh

My experience with Diet and More has been really good.I lost 5 kgs in 2 months with good inch loss. The diet that was given to me was really easy and practical to follow, included all the things I liked to eat and I could abide by it without any problems. Sure one needs to be disciplined but the results are worth it and it is great to have a healthy body and the confidence that comes with it.I never thought that it would be so easy and that I could make it my lifestyle forever. Thank You Shreya

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