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Diet For Kids

Nutritionist Diet Plan For Kids

Kids are the picky eaters and convincing them to eat healthy is no less than a task. No worries, consulting a Nutritionist, like Shreya Katyal at Diets & More will ease your task. She'll provide the best Diet For Kids In Dubai that trick your toddlers to have healthy foods without making any excuses.

How To Prepare A Balanced Diet For Kids?

  • Experiment with the dishes and, add more and more fruits and vegetables in your recipe.
  • Introduce them to smoothies or shakes made of fruits.
  • Fill their plates with different colors, which attract them toward the food.
  • Roll it or put the food on a stick that, they can have even while playing
  • Limit the intake of added sugar and saturated fats in their diet

These are a few things that make it easier for a mom to feed their kids healthy foods. A balanced and Healthy Diet For Kids is a must to not only keep their health in check but to prevent obesity or other problems. Making it possible is easier said than done, if you are dealing with the same issue; do consult an expert diet coach that could help you. Her knowledge will give you the better understanding of what’s good for the health of your little champ, and how to include it in their diet.

Click To Get An Online Diet Plan For Children In UAE

Simply leave your email or queries directly from the website to get in touch with me. I'll customize the diet plan for your children, which take care of their health and ease your task of feeding them the right food.

Key Rules To Follow

  • You should control what foods to buy and when to serve them. Naturally, your children will want you to buy less nutritious foods but don’t let them eat it more than once in a while.
  • Don’t force the kid to eat more when he or she refuses. We often try to force them in cleaning their plate but it might not always be good for them.
  • As it is the case with other things, kids follow you in your dietary habits too. Lead by example and show them that you eat healthy too. Otherwise, it is hard to convince them.
  • Variety is good. You should continuously change the food items you normally eat as it will allow them to be more accepting of the dishes they get to eat after a period of time.

About Us

I am Shreya Katyal, being a nutritionist and runner of Diets & More, striving hard to cut the confusion out of people's mind about healthy eating and dieting. With years of experience in my hand, I have successfully gained recognition, as the Best Nutritionist In Dubai. I want my patients to understand that dieting doesn’t mean fast, it intends to eat right in a good portion. Being a Diet Consultant In UAE.

Online Consultation

Are you working on a tight schedule? No worries, now you can get an Online Diet Consultation in Dubai from me, Shreya Katyal. It's high to consult and reap the benefits of my diet plans without even stepping out of the house that will further ensure your good health. Being a nutritionist, I am here to serve Online Nutrition Counseling, as per your convenience.


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