Diet Plan For PCOS / PCOD

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a very common problem among women. It is not a life-threatening disease, but if you neglect the condition, it can lead to several health problems. Thus, one needs to be careful about their diet to deal with the problem. For customized Diet Plan For PCOS/PCOD In Dubai, get the online consultation from Shreya Katyal at Diets & More. It's simple that moderation in the diet is the key to cure the problem permanently.

Diet Chart For PCOS/PCOD - Foods You Should Include In Your Diet To Get Over The PCOS:

  • Make green leafy vegetables your best friend
  • Add some color to your plate with more fruits and vegetables
  • Binge on healthy food options to get positive results
  • Energize your body by incorporating fibre-rich food in the diet
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day

Foods You Should Say No To:

  • Avoid dairy foods, or at least limit their quantity intake
  • Limit alcohol consumption, as it may increases chances for women to get PCOS
  • Foods that contain preservatives and added flavours should not be on your list
  • Say no to soy food, it’ll help to delayed ovulation

Get Online Nutritionist Diet Plan For PCOS/PCOD In UAE:

Yes, you read that right. Being a nutritionist I'll provide online diet consultation to all my patients. I’ll introduce the patient with the cause and cure both, which make battle with the disease easier. Visit the website or chat via WhatsApp, to get the diet now.

How Your Diet Affects PCOS?

Women affected with PCOS have higher levels of insulin in their body. Produced in the pancreas, insulin is a hormone that helps the cells of your body to turn sugar into energy. However, insulin resistance - where your body is unable to effectively use the insulin it produces - is a common symptom of PCOS. This leads to increased blood sugar levels and for the same reason, it is advised that you should avoid refined carbohydrates found in starchy and sugary foods. These carbohydrates can make insulin resistance more difficult to control.

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