Diet For Elderly

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Diet For Elderly

Nutritionist Diet Plan For Elderly

As you start to age, your body will go through so many changes, and you need to opt for a healthy diet plan, to balance it the right way. If you want a customized Diet Plan For Elderly In Dubai, get online diet consultation from Shreya Katyal a Nutritionist Diet For Elderly at Diets & More. A healthy diet along with some exercises makes it easier for you, to enjoy the new phase of life without any stress or health issues.

Dietary Recommendation For Elderly That'll Improve Their Health:

  • Minimize your calorie intake
  • Keep yourself hydrated with more and more water
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Switch yourself to pulses and grains, to fulfil the need of nutrients in your body
  • Eat more nuts and seeds
  • Add some healthy herbs and spices to give your taste buds a surprise
  • Balance your food intake with exercise
  • Choose heart-healthy foods
  • Enjoy alcohol in moderation
  • Keep your bones strong with calcium rich foods

Get Online Diet For Senior Citizens In UAE:

To enjoy growing old, you need to make some smart food choices. If you don't know what's good for your health, take online diet consultation in UAE from me. I'll make sure, my diet plans will help your body, get the care it, deserves.

Things We Consider Before Finalizing A Diet Plan

  • Poor Appetite - We understand that your senses might not be as active as they were in your younger years. It often leads to reduction in your appetite because smelling and tasting is not as easy as it used to be.
  • Dental Health - You are lucky if you still have your teeth intact. Most old people have one or other kinds of dental problems and that considerably changes the food they can eat and the food they can’t.
  • Medication Side Effects - There is always some kind of medication which is going on. The side effects of this medication are considered thoroughly and only then a diet plan is finalized.

About Us

I am Shreya Katyal, being a nutritionist and runner of Diets & More, striving hard to cut the confusion out of people's mind about healthy eating and dieting. With years of experience in my hand, I have successfully gained recognition, as the Best Nutritionist In Dubai. I want my patients to understand that dieting doesn’t mean fast, it intends to eat right in a good portion. Being a Diet Consultant In UAE.

Online Consultation

Are you working on a tight schedule? No worries, now you can get an Online Diet Consultation in Dubai from me, Shreya Katyal. It's high to consult and reap the benefits of my diet plans without even stepping out of the house that will further ensure your good health. Being a nutritionist, I am here to serve Online Nutrition Counseling, as per your convenience.


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