Diet For Acidity

Acidity, unfortunately, is a pretty common problem and sometimes becomes so severe that it starts interfering in your daily routine. The secret to controlling this problem lies in the food you eat. Diets & More is the right platform for getting a perfect Diet Plan For Acidity. Our nutritionist, Shreya Katyal, believes in keeping things fun and interesting. You would get to experience the best of the culinary delights while also maintaining a healthy intake of nutrients. Don’t let some poor eating choices ruin your daily routine. It takes some minor changes and, we’ll guide you through those changes.

Foods To Be Avoided For Acidity

  • Tomatoes and citrus fruits
  • High-fat foods
  • Caffeine and mint
  • Chocolate, garlic, onions or spicy food in general

Special Qualities Of Our Acidity Diet Plan

  • Diet plan is made in accordance with your body type and preferences
  • Get consultation online in the comfort of your home
  • Simple to follow and doesn’t seem impractical
  • Customized as per your health or body requirements
  • Within your budget

If you’re looking for a Nutritionist In Dubai, share your details with us and we will get back to you within a few hours. Your Online Diet Chart For Acidity is just one call away.

Food Items That Reduce Your Symptoms

Just as some food items can increase your acidity problems, others can bring relief to your body. You can include the following food items in your diet regularly to ensure the symptoms stay in control and don’t interrupt your daily routine:

  • Non-citrus fruits like Apples, Pears, Melons and Bananas. Including them in your daily diet will reduce the chances of triggering acidity.
  • Also include Vegetables, Ginger and Oatmeal with low-fat, anti-inflammatory and acid-absorbing qualities respectively.
  • Egg whites are a good option in this condition and food items such as Flaxseed, Avocados and Olive Oil are rich sources of healthy fats; so, include them in your diet.

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