Diet For Cholesterol

Are you suffering from high cholesterol? Do you know it can be risky for your health and leads to so several health problems? Looking for a healthy path to control it? Get the online consultation from Shreya Katyal a highly experienced Nutritionist For Cholesterol In Dubai. She is known for her customized and result-oriented diet plans.

Control Cholesterol In A Few Weeks With A Customized Diet Plan:

Being an experienced Health Coach For Cholesterol, I'll recommend changes in diet that'll leave a good impact on your health, and help you balance the cholesterol level in your body.

Here Are The Changes You Need To Make:

  • Switch To Healthy Food: Foods like Soy, Nuts, Oats and Barley, or Fruits And Vegetables are rich in unsaturated fat and are a must for the patients, who want to control their cholesterol level.
  • Lose Some Weight: If you are overweight or dealing with the high cholesterol problem, you should lose some pounds, which keep everything balanced.
  • Watch What You Eat: Having fried or oily foods in excess quantity also leads to high cholesterol. So, if you are suffering from it, try not to have greasy foods, as much as, you can.

Get In Touch For Online Diet Consultation:

If you want a Customized Diet Plan For Cholesterol In UAE, drop your queries to, Shreya Katyal at Diets & More. I’ll get back to you shortly.

LDL Cholesterol - The Real Enemy

You might have heard the term ‘bad’ cholesterol. It is known as LDL cholesterol in the academic circle and it is the harmful cholesterol-carrying particle, which is responsible for the artery-clogging. You need to tackle this ‘bad’ cholesterol while making dietary changes. Different foods affect your body differently.

For example, foods containing soluble fibres bind cholesterol and drag it out of your body before it gets into circulation. Also, some foods have polyunsaturated fats which directly bring down LDL levels. So, you can make changes in your diet accordingly with the help of a nutritionist.

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