Diet For Pregnancy & Lactation

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Diet For Pregnancy & Lactation

Nutritionist Diet Plan For Pregnancy & Lactation

Being a mom is, indeed, a tough job, there are a number of things you need to compromise, for the good health of the new life connected to you. Whether you are a mom-to-be or a new mommy, you need to keep a watch on what you are eating, as it has a direct impact on the health of your baby. For proper diet, get the online consultation from Shreya Katyal - an experienced Nutritionist For Pregnancy And Lactation In Dubai. She'll introduce you the foods you should or shouldn't have.

Food Every Mother Or Mom-To-Be Incorporate In Their Diet:

  • Binge on green vegetables and seasonal fruits to supply enough vitamins, mineral, protein, and nutrients to your baby
  • Have healthy snacks of nuts and seeds, which aid your baby to get the adequate amount of protein and fibre. Also, it satisfies your taste buds and hunger pangs at the same time.
  • Don’t give up on water ever, to keep you and your baby both hydrated. Water is also important to ensure the proper supply of milk, to your baby.
  • Eat whole grains and fermented foods to stay healthy.

Being a breastfeeding mother, you should take care of your health. Get a Customized Diet Plan For Pregnancy and change your lifestyle, to keep you and your baby healthy. Also, try not to have alcohol, caffeine, peppermint and some other food products that could harm you and your baby.

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Drop your emails or queries at Diets & More, to get the Best Diet Plan For Pregnancy And Lactation In UAE. I’ll be right back to you, with a personalized diet plan that you need, to maintain your good health.

Key Points To Remember

  • To meet the nutritious requirements of the foetus, extra food is required. Pregnancy can be a highly demanding period both nutritionally and physiologically. So, maintain a good diet for adequate nutrition levels.
  • Generally, it is suggested to increase body fat deposits during pregnancy to prepare oneself for meeting these nutritional requirements.
  • It is natural that a lactating woman requires extra food in order to secrete appropriate quality/quantity of milk and also to maintaining her optimum health.

About Us

I am Shreya Katyal, being a nutritionist and runner of Diets & More, striving hard to cut the confusion out of people's mind about healthy eating and dieting. With years of experience in my hand, I have successfully gained recognition, as the Best Nutritionist In Dubai. I want my patients to understand that dieting doesn’t mean fast, it intends to eat right in a good portion. Being a Diet Consultant In UAE.

Online Consultation

Are you working on a tight schedule? No worries, now you can get an Online Diet Consultation in Dubai from me, Shreya Katyal. It's high to consult and reap the benefits of my diet plans without even stepping out of the house that will further ensure your good health. Being a nutritionist, I am here to serve Online Nutrition Counseling, as per your convenience.


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