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Want to put on some healthy weight? Looking for diet tips from a Nutritionist For Weight Gain In Dubai? Shreya Katyal and Diets & More is the name that should always be on top of your mind. It's no surprise that gaining weight is even harder than losing it. Just increasing the diet is not the solution to the problem, as it may only increase fat, but not the muscles that can be injurious to health. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an expert coach than being your own expert.

Best Weight Gain Tips From The Experienced Health Coach For Weight Gain:

  • Eat more calories than you burn
  • Do intake healthy amount of protein
  • Add carbs and fat to your diet but in a healthy manner
  • Do exercises to burn fat and gain muscles
  • Increase the number of meals
  • Eliminate stress and take proper sleep

Get Healthy Diet Plan For Weight Gain In UAE Now:

I'll customize your diet plan as per the body requirements; so, you ended up only gaining healthy weight, and not the health issues. My experience is a big plus that helps me alter the diet, according to the patient's health conditions.

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You can take benefit from the online diet consultation program that I provide to all my patients, across the globe. I have answers to all your queries and result-oriented plans, to deliver the results you’ve been expecting for so long. So, hurry up! Get in touch now, to transform your body the way you want.

A Realistic And Healthy Approach

Being underweight and overweight is often measured with Body Mass Index (BMI), but it doesn’t take your muscle mass into account which makes a considerable difference. So, don’t depend too much on this scale for determining whether you are overweight or underweight. Being a nutritionist, I always adopt a healthy and realistic approach to help you gain healthy weight. This is how we do it:

  • Food items like Doughnuts or Sodas are kicked out of your diet plan. While they do help you in gaining weight, it is not the type of fat you are looking to gain.
  • A balanced amount of subcutaneous fat and muscle mass gain is ensured for a healthier change in your body.
  • We also make sure to come up with a diet plan that can be followed consistently over a long period for results that stay with you.

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