Celebrity Diet Plan

Shreya Katyal is a renowned nutritionist helping hundreds of people in getting the perfect body and look. Offering a Celebrity Diet Plan In Dubai, we also take care of likes and dislikes before creating a personalized diet plan for you. At Diets & More, we balance the correct amount of carbs and amino acids to ensure you get a healthy amount of nutrition without indulging in over-eating. So, whether you are in show-business or want to have a physique or body shape like a celebrity, we can offer you the perfect Monthly Celebrity Healthy Meal Plan to attain that desired body.

Choose Our Celebrity Healthy Meal Plan For

  • A fun diet plan that doesn’t force you to ban your favourite foods
  • Effective results within a short time period
  • Finding the right balance between exercise you need to do and the food you need to eat
  • Maintaining a body suitable to your job or profession

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If you want an ideal Diet Plan, dial the given number and your consultation will start immediately. Keep this in your mind that getting results could be easy but maintaining them requires the real discipline and advice.

Basic Commandments We Follow To Prepare Your Celebrity Diet Plan

  • Important nutrients should be incorporated in every meal, and this is an uncompromising factor in our diet plans.
  • Being adequately hydrated all the time is vital, and you cannot ignore it any point of time in your daily routine.
  • Eating mindfully is another major thing that should be followed. But it doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself comfort foods every once in a while.
  • In this diet plan, the goals can be pretty specific instead of being generally healthy and fit. So, food items are selected considering these requirements in mind.

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