Gastritis Diet

Gastritis can be caused by anything from a major injury, stomach lining damage, an infection or even food allergies. Whatever may be the reason, one thing is for sure - it is not a very pleasant experience to deal with this problem. If you’re looking for a Gastritis Diet Plan In Dubai, you can consult Shreya Katyal - a reputed Nutritionist In Dubai. At Diets & More, we believe in combining the requirements of a diet plan with the preferences of the client. It results into a healthy engagement with the plan as there are fewer limitations on a person’s natural inclinations towards food.

Our Gastritis Diet Generally Includes

  • Foods with low acidity, or are that are more alkaline, like vegetables
  • Drinks that aren’t carbonated and don’t have caffeine
  • Low-fat food items such as Chicken, Fish and Turkey Breast
  • Fibrous foods like Oatmeal, Beans, Apples, Broccoli and Carrots are also recommended

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Always remember that all the general guidelines on eating healthy are just general. Your body type, metabolism and daily routine also play a major part in what you should eat and what you should leave. If you have any of the Gastrointestinal Disorders, we have the right Diet Chart For Gastric Problems. Get in touch with us to start your plan now.

General Dietary Tips For Controlling Gastritis

  • Don’t eat too close to bedtime as it won’t give you enough hours to completely digest the food. Eating three to four hours before bedtime is a generally accepted advice.
  • Smaller meals can bring big changes. Eating frequent smaller meals can be highly effective in controlling this condition.
  • Avoid eating citrus food items like Fruits, Tomatoes or even Milk and Dairy Products as they contain calcium and amino acids which can be responsible for producing more acid.
  • Also, avoid eating spicy and inflammatory foods. Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided.

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