As you age, your body asks for more nutrition than usual. This is the time when the problem of low immunity, stress, poor digestion and weak bones start to occur. Therefore, packing your body with the right nutrition becomes so essential. As a trusted Nutritionist in Dubai, I, Shreya Katyal, recommend a Healthy Diet For Elderly that helps them enjoy this phase with ease and good health. Follow the following rules to stay healthy.


  • Drink Plenty Water: Dehydration is the most common issue among the elderly develops because of the loss of fluid in the body. So, it’s the basic yet the most meaningful tip to drink plenty of water according to your body needs. It helps you stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Switch To Whole Grain: Another thing that can keep your health maintained as you age is moving to whole grain options like Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Cereals, etc. It aids in improving digestion and takes good care of your heart as well.
  • Include Calcium Rich Product In Your Diet: To keep your bones strong, you should fulfill the calcium intake of your body. So, drink at least a glass of milk daily and include several other calcium-rich products in your diet.

These tips can improve your health. For more assistance, book your Online Diet Consultation at Diets & More. I understand my patients and recommend the best diet according to their body type and health. Get in touch to enquire more.

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