Are you overweight? If yes, you should get professional diet consultation. I Shreya Katyal the founder of Diets & More and a well-known Nutritionist in Dubai have the best and healthy diet plans for you.

Diet Plans- Imagine Yourself From 6 Months From Now

According to me, skipping meals is not a solution to your problem, but adding healthy food to your diet can give you perfect size body. My customized diet charts are divided into basic three meals and their importance in individual life are:

Diet Plans- Imagine Yourself From 6 Months From Now

  • Breakfast: One should eat breakfast like a king because eating a good quantity of breakfast reduces hunger craving for the entire day. If your stomach will be full because you had a good quantity of healthy breakfast it will counteract the weight gain.
  • Lunch: This portion of your meal should be taken as a prince, to replenish the vitality and the energy, lunch is very important. There are a lot of cells that are created and destroyed in a day in human body and this process needs energy. On the other hand, to remain physically active at a workstation, lunch is important because the productivity can decrease due to diet crash.
  • Dinner: After spending the energetic day at the office, you need the energy to take a sound sleep. A good sleep refreshes the body mind and soul. An empty stomach can make you toss here and there on the bed, which can affect your health.

That is why 3 meals breakfast, lunch, and the dinner is very important to live a healthy life. If you are looking for Online Diet Consultants In Dubai, who will plan a cost-effective diet chart for you. So, browse my website to seek my expert advice.

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